Dominica Charity Foundation

A relief delivery to the Caribbean

Ladies and gentlemen,

since 2006 the charitable association Dominica-Hilfe e.V., Freiburg, together with the singer Mary Sylvester, has successfully organized aid deliveries to the island of Dominica on the Caribbean. There the association supports a hospital and the Dominica Infirmary, a nursing home, with collected discarded aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, care beds, laundry, diapers and medical equipment.

From year to year the organizational, personnel and financial expenses have unfortunately increased permanently and far exceed the possibilities of the association. In addition, the costs can no longer be covered by donations.

For this reason, the association decided to organize a relief delivery to the Caribbean for the last time in spring 2020. In March, the large warehouse in Freiburg must be emptied in order to send the collected aid in an overseas container to Dominica. The hospital and the nursing home are urgently waiting for the relief supplies. Therefore, this is the last aid delivery to the Caribbean!

The Dominica Infirmary, the nursing home in Roseau, Dominica

Roseau, Dominica, after Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria destroyed this house in Marigot

Engagement Global, a non-profit, supports the association with a 70% share of the transport costs. The transport and the associated transaction costs are around € 15,000. Thus, € 4,500 are to be paid by the association. This far exceeds the possibilities of the association.

The island of Dominica is 4,500 nautical miles away, we need your help for this long trip.

Please bring the last container along with us and donate miles! Donate € 1 per mile so that the relief supplies can reach their destination. 50, 100 or more miles, every mile count!

It is up to you whether the last transport for the hospital and the nursing home is a success.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely

Mary Sylvester

First Chairperson

Dominica Hilfe e.V

Dominica Charity Foundation

Please donate to:
Name: Dominica Hilfe e.V.
Keyword: Infirmary
Bank: Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau
IBAN: DE89680501010012605242

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