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Our Last Container


Last Shipment of Medical Goods for Dominica 2022

We shipped our last container in January 2022, and it arrived in Dominica in March 2022. We were able to get the container out of the port in Roseau, the capital of the island of Dominica, and hand over the medical supplies to the Marigot Hospital. The hospital is in the Northern Province. While the Dominica-China-Friendship Hospital in the capital is well taken care of, our hospital in Marigot is neglected. Therefore, it is good that we support them.

Why is it our ‘Last Container’? It’s the last time because it’s just too much work for us and we can no longer stand in the cold storage hall and lift heavy boxes. In addition, we have to clear the storage hall by the end of the year. It was provided to us by a sponsor, but now our time is up.

Still for all, our charity is not over. We are transitioning to building and repairing hurricane damaged homes in Marigot. Our charity member Hans Hochuli has already started it. The first two stormproof wooden houses are already occupied.

With the support of local building contractors, the crew of students and teachers of the sailing ship “Thor Heyerdahl” have successfully completed a project together with us: they re-roofed and repaired a storm-damaged house in Marigot.

We will continue this house building project with local wood, local companies, local helpers, and German students. We will soon inform you about this in text and pictures.

We would like to thank all our donors and friends who are interested in Dominica for their help.

Please support the Dominica Charity Foundation.

Mary Sylvester


Our Last Container